Chronic Renal Failure Case Study Essays

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A Nursing Case Study on Chronic Renal Failure

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in


Introduction and Implications - 5%
Objective - 5%
Developmental Data - 5%
Physical Assessment - 10%
History - 5%
Anatomy and Physiology - 5%
Pathophysiology - 10%
Interpretations - 5%
Drug Studies - 5%
Nursing Management - 20%
Health Teachings - 5%
Format - 5%
Punctuality - 10%
Reference - 5% _________________ TOTAL:


Introduction 5
Objectives 6-7
Patient’s Data 8
Health History
A. Family History
i. Genogram 9 ii. Narrative 10
B. Past Health History 11-12
C. Present History 13
Complete Diagnosis 14-15
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system, for our client and his significant others to promote over-all well-being;
 present the prognosis of our client; and
 list and present the sources and references used in this study.



The presented diagram is not complete because our client, does not anymore recall his relatives since he claimed that his relatives live at Negros Occidental and have since no contact with them.

Mr. Xxx Client x, our client is the second son in twelve offsprings of Mr. Wilferdo and Mrs. Angeles Gunay-Client x, both are deceased. Mr. Wilfredo died due to old age while Mrs. Angeles died due to heart attack (hypertension). Our client’s siblings are: Reynaldo, 59 years old, a hypertensive and diabetic; Teresita, deceased when she was only 11 years old due to vehicular accident; Renato, 52 years old who is battling cancer; Remegio, 50 years old; Socorro, deceased when she was in Grade 6 due to unknown cause; Lorna, 46 years old; and the youngest is Glenda, 38

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