Essay on Chronic Malnutrition And Its Effects On Children

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According to UNICEF, “Food insecurity affects more than 800,000 people, or more than 4 percent of the population. About 40 percent of children under the age of five suffer from stunting as a result of chronic malnutrition” (Background: Issues facing children in Mozambique). Stunting means to prevent from growing or developing properly. Mozambique, a country in East Africa rich in culture is hoping to diminish their food insecurity problem and cease the constant battle being fought against stunting. Mozambique covers 799,380 km2 of land with 13,000 km2 of that land covered by water. Mozambique has lost seventy percent of their forests. Mozambique has a total population of 27.22 million people and the population growth rate is approximately 2.5 percent. Sixty-two percent of the people in Mozambique live in rural areas. Most are subsistence farmers that grow crops and rear animals. The remaining thirty-eight percent of the population lives in urban areas. The capital, Maputo, is home to two million people, which makes up a large portion of the population living in urban areas in Mozambique. Another city with a large population is Matola, containing 1.2 million people. Mozambique contains many natural resources including: titanium, natural gas, coal, hydropower, tantalum, and graphite. The gross domestic product of Mozambique is $15.94 billion (Mozambique today: Major issues and challenges).

A typical family in Mozambique consists of an average of 4.8 people and a median of 5…

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