Chronic Illness Evaluation Essay

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Krista Nicole Cauley


Mark Buck


Chronic Illness Evaluation

There are millions of diseases that affect people all around the world. However, most people don’t realize that those diseases are chronic. A chronic illness is a disease or human health condition that is persistent or long-lasting in nature (World Health Organization reference). There are some characteristics of a chronic illness that could make an individual more aware that they might have one. One characteristic is that it imposes limits. What this means is that individuals who have fibromyalgia, for example, might not be able to move freely. Another
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For example, Aids. When an individual contracts aids, the virus basically hijacks the cells and uses them against the immune system. Once the virus takes over the T cells, it can replicate very quickly. Once this happens, the infected T cells no longer have the ability to fight off infection. The healthy T cells will eventually die, which in turn will damage the immune system (Sherwood, 2012). Once the immune system is damaged, if the individual gets a cold, it could cause the person to get extremely sick. In some cases, a simple common cold can kill an individual who has aids. It is possible for an individual with aids to live with the disease. It takes a cocktail of medication, and a healthy lifestyle to live with aids. Exercise can have a major positive effect on the immune system for several reasons. First, exercising can release stress. People who experience high stress get more colds, suffer more digestive tract problems and have more frequent bouts of fatigue ("Boost Your Immune System With Exercise", n.d.). When an individual can include exercise in their daily life, the immune system will be able to fight off all of those health problems. Secondly, exercising can help increase blood flow and help the cardiovascular system. By increasing blood flow and improving the cardiovascular system, the immune system will become stronger. By exercising, an individual will become more confident with the way that

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