Chronic Headaches And Migraine Headaches Essay

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As we get older people become responsible, as adults we are responsible for several things. Through time we probably have many responsibilities that we stress over and we might develop major health issues. Two of the most common chronic headaches in the world are tension and migraine headaches. These headaches are mostly common in adults could start at any age but it 's mostly common in the ages of 20’s-40’s. In the US 12% percent of Americans suffer from headaches like tension and migraine headaches. On October 15, 2010 the FDA approved botox as a solution to this devastating health issue of chronic headaches. Botox not only serves as a beauty treatment, it eliminates the drug intake, and it reduces visits to the doctor, but more importantly it reduces the frequency of tension and migraine headaches.
The two major common chronic headaches in the world are migraines and tension headaches. Migraines headaches start off with a throbbing pressure around the cranial hemisphere. This pressure feeling usually occurs in one specific area around the head. Migraines cause nausea, a person to regurgitate, and someone being very delicate to light and noise. These headaches have 4 stages prodrome, aura, attack, and postdrome. Symptoms of prodrome are feeling depression, constipation, many people crave food, have uncontrollable yawning. These symptoms of prodrome usually happen one or two days before the migraine headaches. The second stage of migraines that affects the vision are called…

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