Chronic Effects Of Renal Disease And The Urinary System Essay

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This research paper explores the age related changes associated with the urinary system, specifically the kidneys, and the debilitating effects derived from theses changes. There are a variety of sources used in this paper to present the most factual information about renal disease as possible, including: books, peer-reviewed articles, and professional websites. In this research paper it is discussed how one develops renal disease, the effects of renal disease, and possible prevention and treatment of renal disease, and the specific statistics pertaining to renal disease. Considering age related changes associated within the kidneys are normal, this paper is geared toward the geriatric population and their experiences with changing or even failing kidneys due to other factors in life in addition to aging.
Renal Disease in Older Adults: the Causes, Effects,
Prevention, Treatments, and Statistics
As one grows older, they begin to experience changes in their urinary system, with the kidneys playing a vital role in this system. One relies on the kidneys to rid the body of any waste products and toxic substances, as well as regulate the concentration of urine and cleanse, filter, and purify the blood. When age related changes occur within the kidneys, they become less efficient at filtering and urine becomes less concentrated, leaving some unwanted toxins behind in the body rather than excreting the waste. However, some older adults experience a much more…

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