Chronic Disease : An Issue That Affects Multiple American Families

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Chronic disease is an issue that affects multiple American families no matter their race, religion or gender. It can accrue in the youngest member of the family to the oldest with little to no warning signs. Even the treatments for chronic diseases can be costly, ranging upwards to thousands of dollars with little to no results in long term. Although chronic diseases can be expensive once diagnosed there are ways to lower the chance of contracting a disease as well as types of interventions that are used by public health specialists to prevent the diseases.
To better understand what a chronic disease is Mary-Jane Schneider, author of the Introduction to Public Health defines chronic disease as a disease that is marked by long duration or frequent recurrence, usually incurable but not immediately fatal. Common diseases that are considered chronic include cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and recently acquired immune deficiency syndrome also know as AIDS. Knowing what a chronic disease is just half of the education part let’s move forward and discusses how society is effect by chronic disease and ways they can be prevented.
The Center for disease and prevention is the hub for information on the chronic disease. The CDC tracks each state expose to a wide range of chronic disease as well as other pathogens that could create a slew of illness if not monitored. One of the new methods the CDC offered is the chronic disease indicators. Chronic disease…

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