Christopher Reeve : A Hero Essay

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Quattrucci 1
Christopher Reeve, an actor who portrayed Superman on the big screen, once said, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”. Through his life, Christopher Reeve suffered greatly after a tragic accident and endured great struggle afterward. Ironically, he played an almost immortal character, Superman who was a terrific hero to the world. Much like Christopher Reeve along with his character of Superman, Roy Hobbs of The Natural demonstrated godlike strength and power as he is portrayed as a somewhat humanlike hero. His life becomes filled with adversity that he must overcome and fight back from. With such an incredible burden faced, Roy prevails over the many struggles encountered in his life and displays great courage, tenacity and heroism. Through the path in which he follows, Roy meets people with whom he interacts that greatly affect his journey and create opportunities that shape his incredible endeavor.
Bernard Malamud’s The Natural centers around the life of Roy Hobbs. As a baseball player, Roy rises to the occasion and shows his true greatness as other players envy his power, yet disregard his arrogance. Roy falls for his coach’s niece, Memo, but she is already the girlfriend of the team 's star player, Bump Baily. Bump and Roy have an interesting relationship that challenges each other until Bump inevitably dies and is replaced by Roy. In his first big league game back playing for…

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