Essay about Christopher Mccandless ' Definition Of Happiness

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You can sit for hours and ponder the meaning of life. You can write novels, poems, and short stories on the topic but you’ll never truly understand the beauty of life until you experience it for yourself, until you immerse yourself in it. Every person has their own set of wants, needs, and desires. But it isn’t until you go out and do the things that you’ve imagined, that you really discover what you love. Every person has a unique mind; every person has the capacity to share different views. If you asked every person in the entire world what they believe the meaning of life is, you would receive several answers. Many would be different, but most would say something to the effect of “living a happy, healthy life.” Because we’re all so different, our own definitions of happiness are bound to differ from the next person. I believe Christopher McCandless’ definition of happiness would have been simple. He wanted to find himself, who he really was deep down. He didn’t want to be the person his parents wanted him to be, he most certainly didn’t want to be the person society expected him to be, he wanted to be Alexandar Supertramp. He wanted the rawness of life itself, the beauty of nature surrounding him, independence from what society has told us we “need” to survive. When Chris left everything behind and ventured to Alaska, he was not crazy, he was not ‘lost’, seeking attention, unintelligent, or suicidal. “McCandless went into the wilderness not primarily to ponder nature or…

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