Christopher Jerome Basinski : The Smartest Person I Have Ever Met

888 Words Nov 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Some people have a natural ability were they don 't have to work very hard and just pick up on things easily. Other people have to work hard for everything they do. One of the hardest working person I have ever met is Christopher Jerome Basinski. Christopher is probably the smartest person I know, not because he picks up on schoolwork naturally, but it’s the fact they he studies harder then everyone else. Chris is also one of the most athletic people at this school, if not the most athletic. Chris doesn 't pick up sports naturally either, but he trains harder than everyone else. Chris outworks everyone and it shows. Chris doesn 't just work hard in school, but also in sports. Chris started playing tennis his sophomore year of high school. When he started he was awful. His first year of tennis he was very out of control with the racket and also couldn 't serve very good at all. Chris wouldn 't give up on tennis just because he was not very good at it though. Chris’s first year was terrible, but that didn 't change the fact that he was going to work hard to get better. After tennis season when everyone stopped playing Chris continued to play, and continued to get better. A couple times I got up in the morning to go tot the gym, and Chris was their playing tennis. I knew he was very dedicated to getting better. He was not only practicing tennis in the morning but he was also working out in the afternoon. Chris continued to work hard while most people set around. Later on…

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