Christopher Haddon Characteristics

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The murder mystery novel 'the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' (2003), written by Mark Haddon, chronicles the adventures of Christopher Boone, a fifteen year old mathematical genius who struggles for social acceptance and understanding as a result of his apparent autism. A number of distinctive traits build up Haddon's character Christopher, comprising of his thoughts and views, ambitions, and character defects. He is revealed to have a unique perspective of the world, a growing desire for independence and a lack of empathy and compassion.

Haddon's character, Christopher possesses an unusual perspective of the world around him as a result of his condition. This is developed through the use of first person narration and alternating structure, allowing readers to create a sense of emotional directness and drawing them into the specific voice and world of Christopher. Virtually half the chapters in the novel digress from the main plot providing readers with Christopher’s thoughts or feelings on a particular subject he feels is worth noting such as physics or math. This structure mirrors Christopher’s approach to the world, which is based on logic and truth, allowing insight into the workings of his mind. An effective example occurs in chapter 59 an internal chapter, where he is narrating
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Christopher's unique thoughts and views of the world, ambition to become independent, and character defect of lack of empathy and compassion for others all form to create a part of his character and identity. Through the CI, Haddon established the idea that even the most narrow and mundane lives could be limitless provided with sufficient imagination, teaching us to accept that every life is restricted but learning to love the people that we are and the world which we live

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