Christopher Columbus 's Voyages Of The New World Essay

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Christopher Columbus’s voyages to the New World had a negative effect. Columbus’s actions caused many problems. After he discovered the New World, social classes were formed, which caused internal conflicts between the people. The Europeans placed themselves higher in society than the natives. Another problem with the arrival of the Europeans was the spreading of new diseases that in essence lead to the Genocide of the Native Americans. While the Europeans were settling and starting new lives, the treatment of the Natives and African Americans throughout generations was horrible and unjust. Although Columbus contributed to the build up of America 's success by trading with the people from Europe, his actions in America overall caused several negative impacts on society.
To start, Christopher Columbus 's discovery of the New World created major social classes. Europeans commonly invaded the homes of the natives to steal goods. According to one account when Columbus first saw the natives “his heart almost burst from his chest when he discovered that their nose rings were made of gold, and their bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and anklets; that they had gold bells to play with, and some sheathed their private parts in gold” (Marquez 234). Clearly Columbus never intended to become friends with the natives but was interested only in their gold. Columbus’s personal gain was his biggest interest. Native Americans became second classes citizens with few rights. After the Spaniards…

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