Christopher Columbus 's Voyage Was A Deep Impact On The World

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Christopher Columbus’s voyages had a deep impact on the world. Columbus’s travels opened up new trade possibilities and created a true world economy. He found lands and native populations that were previously unknown to the people of Eurasia which allowed the flora and fauna in each region to mix in new ways. Biological and ecological impacts resulting from his voyages were profound. These voyages allowed cultures and societies to mix in ways that they had not before and change the course of world history.
Not much is known about Christopher Columbus prior to 1492. It is believed that he was born in 1451 to merchant parents in northern Italy. Columbus lacked a “formal education” and his geography and navigational skills were largely self-taught. Despite his lack of education, Columbus became a skilled navigator, sailor, and geographer. In addition to being a skilled seaman, Christopher Columbus was also a devoutly religious Catholic who believed “that God destined him to be an instrument for spreading the faith” and this religious fervor motivated his plans and preparations for his voyages. Christopher Columbus began making plans for a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1486. In order to fund his proposed trip, Columbus sought patronage from Ferdinand and Isabella who were the king and queen of Aragon and Castile. Ferdinand and Isabella agreed to fund Columbus’s journey across the Atlantic. In addition, they also “provided ships, crew, provisions, and cargo”…

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