Essay about Christopher Columbus 's The On Discovery Of America

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1. In history classes I took of youth the on discovery of America seems more a takes out the realism of the situation and add a fairytale aspect. The hero which of course is Christopher Columbus sets for a new world to escape religious persecution in England and set sail on three ships and discovered America by accident. He then settled this new land befriend the indigenous population and learned things from each other had a great feast to celebrate and that 's why we celebrate the Thanksgiving. or that he was looking for Asia or he was trying to prove the world was flat. The text of modern economy tells a different a more realistic story of how Columbus suggesting to Spain and and Portugal to sail west to expand their on vacant island and raise their own sugar crops to grow and trade their own sugar crops instead of going to Asia which trade routes where dominated by the middle east. which was rejected because it was too ambitious until a war the took down a major Muslim empire Grenada that Spain took Columbus up on hsi offer. Columbus was not an explorer his intention was not explore or to escape or to prove a scientific theory right or wrong. He was a business man looking to expand his company capital.

2. a labor force to work the main crop which sugar, cotton and tobacco to Europe since 90% of indigenous population who was a major labor source on the settlers plantation dwindled due the effects of the Columbia exchange between 1430 -1600s an…

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