Christopher Columbus 's New Age Of Exploration Essay example

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In 1492, Christopher Columbus did what no other explorer dared attempt, sail west on the Atlantic in order to reach the rich lands of Asia. A radical idea if proven true would reserve his name in the history books. Columbus succeeded in leaving his mark on history, but not for the reason he expected. As time passes and attitudes change, history is constantly being rewritten. Modern historians have deeply analyzed Columbus 's hold on history and have come to the conclusion, that he was not in fact the first to discover the Americas. Nevertheless, this claim should not diminish Columbus’s greatest accomplishment, bringing two worlds together.
Christopher Columbus’s discoveries enlarged the world and began a new age of exploration. This would not have been made possible if it weren’t, for his stunning navigational skills and persistence. Before this endeavor could begin, he 'd need to convince the royal monarchs to finance his expedition. Convincing these kings and queens proved to be exceedingly challenging, but Columbus was not deterred. He finally received financial support from the Spanish crown. Once he received his ships, he daringly set sail across the Atlantic; without a map or compass. Columbus used only the stars and dead reckoning to navigate across the Atlantic. On October 12, 1492, thirty- three days after he set sail, Columbus had finally reached land. Unfortunately for Columbus, this was not the continent of Asia he 'd reach, but rather something greater; he…

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