Christopher Columbus 's ' Luis De Santangel And Danticat 's Maguana 1492

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At the beginning of the semester we discussed Christopher Columbus’s Letter to Luis de Santangel and Danticat’s “Maguana 1492” as part of the theme of wonder and horror. I really enjoyed that topic and found it interesting, so for my research paper I discusses how the wonder that was experienced in both of these texts are different. I claim that the wonder Columbus experiences is more fabricated and that he uses marvelous to raise his observations and the land he sees to a level of perfection, thus instilling wonder in the reader. I also claim that the wonder Anacaona experiences, in “Maguana 1492”, is based in difference of cultures and the desire to understand the unusual that is occurring.
To make my argument, I take excerpts from Columbus’s letter that show how he elevated this foreign place to a level of perfection. One example of that I used in my paper is when he says, “This Island and all the others are very fertile to a limitless degree…” Then after pointing out a few of his exaggerations, and explaining how they inspire wonder through elevating this place, I move onto “Maguana 1492”.
At the beginning of this section about “Maguana 1492”, I use Albertus Magnus’s explanation of wonder as based in amazement, unusual curiosity. I take out excerpts from “Maguana 1492” and relate it back to his explanation and show how it correlates. An example I used is when the Europeans land on the shores of her tribe and Anacaona experiences the wonder of this new and…

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