Christopher Columbus 's Contact With The Americas Essay

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The United States has an incredibly vast and rich history, however, many of its citizens only remember one date, 1492. In the eyes of many, Christopher Columbus 's contact with the Americas marks a beginning which is comparable it to the birth of Christ. Although the date 1492 is well remembered because of its relation to the start of a new world and the mixing of cultures, its impact becomes less profound when one looks at the era as a whole. The pre-colombian technological advances and voyages of the Chinese, Portuguese and Vikings were equally important turning points, as they set the stage for a Western voyages. In addition, the years of colonization following 1492, which were sparked by Nicolás de Ovando, create a significant time period in which the sole event of Columbus 's contact played a small role.
Advances and voyages before Columbus paved the way for the seemingly momentous journey of 1492. It is often forgotten that Columbus was not the first to travel across the Atlantic Ocean. In the year 1000 the Vikings made the trip from Greenland to Newfoundland, across the Northern Atlantic Ocean, settling in Vinland. Although little is known about their trip, it is interesting to note that a voyage very similar to Columbus’s had already been made, and that the new world had already been discovered.
In the early 1400’s, a time period closer to Columbus 's journey, Admiral Zheng He lead a pilgrimage of 25,000 men in 62 ships to the coast of East Africa. These chinese…

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