Christopher Columbus Was Not The Man Essay

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Christopher Columbus was not the man many tell him to be. As a society, we tend to look at all the great and glorious things he did, most notably discovering the Americas. Almost all of the time, however, we do not look at all the negatives, which there are arguably many more of. These include his harsh treatment of natives, thirst for wealth and the terrible acts he committed as governor of the Indies. Upon first reaching the natives, Columbus describes them as very friendly, extremely willing to trade all they had with the Spaniards. He states that they are very well built and of good stature, but that they did not have weapons to defend themselves with. In his journal he writes, “With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want”. With this statement, Columbus is showing how he wants to enslave these natives and force them to do whatever he wants to better increase his profit. Upon arrival in the Indies Columbus goes on to prove this point true, taking some natives captive by force in order to learn more about the islands. On Hispaniola, he takes many more slaves to fill his quota with Spain. Again proving his violent ways, Columbus stabs two Indians with swords and lets them bleed to death, all because they didn’t trade as many arrows as his men wanted. Ending his first journey, he brings back all the slaves he has collected, many of whom die when the weather turns cold, no doubt because of Columbus’s neglect to provide them with clothes…

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