Christopher Columbus : The Greatest Human Beings Essay

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Many think Christopher Columbus is one of the greatest human beings in the world, but they may not truly know what he has done. Teachers always talk about the good things Columbus did, or so say he “did”, but in reality, he caused a lot of harm throughout the world and isn’t that great. Columbus tortured so many people, mainly the Native Americans, he didn’t discover that the earth was round, and he wasn’t the one who discovered America. But Columbus still lead multiple voyages and conquered a lot of land. His journeys marked the beginning of centuries of Trans-Atlantic conquest and colonization, both good and bad.

One of the many things Christopher Columbus did was enslave and torture the native people. People may think Christopher Columbus is an amazing man, but people may not know that he hurt so many natives. Columbus’s arrogance and exploitation regarding slavery began on his second voyage. Ferdinand and Isabella had ordered that the natives be treated kindly. In opposition to this order, Columbus began exporting slaves in great numbers in 1494. The Taino, a friendly group, willingly traded jewelry, animals, and supplies with the sailors. The natives were soon forced into slavery, and punished with the loss of a limb or death if they did not collect enough gold. While enslavement was not unusual in that day, his level of disregard for their welfare surpassed even the loose standards of the day. When word reached him that the crown did not want him sending more…

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