Christopher Columbus : The Columbian Exchange Essay example

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The main character of this book is Christopher Columbus. Without his discoveries of the New World, the Columbian Exchange would not have occurred. The world would look very different than what it looks like now. The world population would be considerably smaller than what it is now. We would not have the animals and plants that came from the Old World if it was not for the Columbian exchange. Likewise, the Old World would not have the crops that increased their population if it was not for the voyages of Columbus. If it was not for Christopher Columbus, The Columbian Exchange would not have occurred. The Columbian Exchange really changed the way of life in both the New World and the Old World. The people of both worlds encountered plants and animals that they have never seen before. The plants and animals that crossed the Atlantic Ocean benefitted both worlds by providing new foods and new modes of transportation. The Columbian exchange also had negative impacts that affected mostly the New World. The New World was devastated by diseases from the Old World. Since the Native Americans did not have immunity to these diseases, they died rapidly in large numbers. The Columbian Exchange took place in both European and American countries after Columbus discovered the New World. The Historical time period that was involved in this book was mainly from 1492 to the nineteenth century. This book showed how the movement of plants, animals, and diseases across the Atlantic Ocean in…

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