Essay about Christopher Columbus Sailed The Blue Atlantic Ocean

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Christopher Columbus sailed the blue Atlantic Ocean in 1492. He was mainly looking for gold to bring back to Europe, a continent concerned with wealth, religion, and royal government. However, on the east side of the Atlantic, the indigenous people were notable “for their hospitality, their belief of sharing”(Zinn, pg 1), as well as their concentration on nature, working with others in their village or tribe, and diversity. Millions of miles of ocean split these two distinct peoples apart, but they would soon collide for the worst. The Europeans sailed to find wealth and land, yet in the process they destroyed the indigenous people’s cultural foundations, their way of valuing the land, and almost their whole population.
To set the scene for this encounter, the native people...
Such unrelated societal practices between the two groups left little room for understanding, yet there was a great opportunity for the Europeans to exploit and wrongly convert “the savages” to their practices. Europeans wanted to change the way natives’ found spiritual power in nature. The Europeans also wanted to change the relationships between the two genders in tribal life, among other matters, so that the native lifestyle would come to reflect a more European one. In the second letter that Hernándo Cortés sent to the Emperor during his conquest of Mexico, he said
I instructed them by my interpreters how mistaken they were in putting their trust in idols made by their own hands from unclean…

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