Christopher Columbus First Quest For Funding Essay

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The subtle, but very noteworthy steps that Christopher Columbus took to guarantee his voyages would appear to indicate that he was motivated by ideals beyond just exploration. Evidence of this can be seen both before and during his voyages. Columbus’ exclusive use of authorities like the King and Queen of Spain for funding suggests that his aims were primarily directed towards conquest. Who Columbus reached out to for funding is a prime example of his intention to conquer, and belies the myth that Columbus had much of a youthful desire to find adventure. Even during his voyages, Columbus was tactical about whom he wrote to and what he mentioned in his letters. In 1485, Columbus’ yearning to sail westward to find a new route to India was a public one, and he was campaigning for money for his voyage. Columbus presented his plans for his voyage to King John II of Portugal and was denied after the king’s experts suggested that his estimation of travel distance was too low. What stood out about Columbus’ first quest for financial support was what he requested beyond financial support. While requesting ships and permission to travel westward, Columbus also asked to be both appointed governor of all the lands he discovered and receive one-tenth of all income from those lands. This request suggests that perhaps Columbus, although youthfully enthralled by exploration and adventure, still indeed wanted power and riches. Much like the King of Portugal, many of the sovereigns whom…

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