Christopher Columbus As A Hero Essay example

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Christopher Columbus is widely celebrated for his voyages to the Americas, which initiated the Spanish colonization of the New World. Paolo Emilio Taviani describes the great physical and mental attributes of Columbus. Taviani tries to convince his readers that Columbus is this brave and heroic superman. Columbus is traditionally viewed as a hero, but what is a hero? In my opinion a hero is courageous; a hero does not back down in the face of adversity and is willing to sacrifice himself for the betterment of humanity. A hero does not care about materialistic commodities and will show compassion for others. Basil Davidson, in “The Curse of Columbus” proved to me that Christopher Columbus is not a hero. Davidson implies that Columbus could very well be the founding father of slave trade and catalyst for modern racism. Columbus certainly made a difference in history for better or for worse, but can a person who caused so much pain and suffering be considered a hero? Davidson describes Christopher Columbus as a man that has an overconfident personal ambition and is extremely greedy. His biography in the encyclopedia even described him as being on the verge of insanity and also says that he “raised crosses everywhere”. Davidson claims that Columbus was the father of slave trade in the Americas; which was the true enduring curse of Columbus. Columbus landed in the Caribbean and opened up the “New World”; using slaves as his pawns to create to develop this newly discovered land.…

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