Christopher Columbus And The New World Essay

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Every child learns the phrase, “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” in third grade. While catchy they do not learn to much more than that. Europe had only speculated what was to the West of their borders before any voyage was attempted. Spain, France, and Britain each offered something to the new world they wanted to give. Among their reasons trade and religion were the focal points. Being a predominantly Christian area, all European countries wanted to get away from Muslims. Their approach was achievable if they could gain a direct route of trade to Asia that prevented going through their Islamic middlemen. Europeans settled in various areas amongst different Indian Nations each with a different story to tell. These stories had both good and bad outcomes. Spain was the first of the European countries to begin the exploration to the New World. Christopher Columbus was an experienced mariner and devout Christian who used his knowledge of the sea and the Bible to figure out the size of the Earth. Spreading Christianity and locating a direct trade route to Asia were his plans for his voyage. No one agreed to help fund his voyage until, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain came forward and sponsored the voyage. The crowns agreement in the voyage brought along bankers and merchants. In 1492, The crown sent Columbus with letters giving him permission to negotiate trade with the Asians. Along the way Columbus and his crew they found the Canary Islands, Bahamas,…

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