Christopher Columbus And The Columbus Essay example

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America would not be the same if Christopher Columbus had not sail to find Asia. Christopher Columbus sail in the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria the ships had been sponsor by the Spanish crown in charge of king Ferdinand and queen Isabella . The sponsorship did not come easy for Columbus, trying to obtain sponsorship was not easy but when he propose to the Spanish crown a new route to Asia, the Spanish agree. But the calculations Columbus made would mark a new unravel place by anyone in the old world. The trip took longer than expected, where Columbus thought was an Asia, Columbus was greeted by “Indians” for he thought he reach India. But the people were not the civilization he thought and the people did not show the characteristics travels had describe in their voyages to Asia. In Columbus confusion and the Indians particular interest in the Europeans, the exchange gifts the Indians gave colubus gold and columbus farming tools When Christopher Columbus return to the Spanish crown he told tales and express the Indians had a lot gold. That brought a lot of people seeking to explore this new found territory and all its treasures that lay for European exportation. Christopher Columbus was the first European to travel to a new territory and exchange gifts with the Indians. Christopher Columbus should be credited with starting the first exchange of goods. The first taste the Indians sense of the Europeans would impacted how future and present exchanges would be imply. The…

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