Christopher Columbus And The Columbian Exchange: Cause And Effect

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Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange: Cause and Effect
The Columbian Exchange is accredited for the civilization and the life exchanges among the New World and the Old World. Starting from 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas the Columbian exchange hand change the Europeans way of life. The exchange included trading crops, animals, industrial sciences, and deadly diseases that was brought from the Europeans and change the Native Americans way of life. Christopher to voyage to find gold in Asia has resulted in many events that changed history. To begin with, by the end of the fifth century many European explorers felt the need to find the fastest route to Asia traveling through the Atlantic Ocean. Before the fifth century many knew the world as just being Europe, Asia and Africa. Aristotle the most respect man from the middle ages had written “It is but a narrow sea which separates the western extremity of Spain from
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According to Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia “His reception was all he could wish; according to his contract with the Spanish sovereigns he was made "admiral of the ocean sea" and governor-general of all new lands he had discovered or should discover.” After telling the nobles of his accomplishments, Columbus headed back to sea with seventeen ships and fifteen hundred colonists aboard. He discovered more islands including Puerto Rico and Leeward Island. Christopher Columbus then made his return to Hispaniola to check on his men in their new settlement called Villa de La Navivda. After reaching Hispaniola, Christopher was flabbergasted at the view of his men and settlement being destroyed by the Native Americans. Against the Queens and King beliefs about slavery, Columbus enslaved the Native Americans to rebuild his settlement and to sure for gold with thoughts of it being

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