Christopher Columbus : A Great Hero Essay

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When you hear the name Christopher Columbus you think of the man who discovered “The New Land”, which we now know as America, but is that all he’s done? The great explorer has had many other discoveries for us and done. He has done way more in his lifetime than any of us would ever think to do in ours. With that being said he’s a great man at sea, he’s been on four voyages, and during one of those voyages was the discovery of The New World. Most people would say he is a great and heroic man, but, is everything he’s done to get all these accomplishments what a great and heroic man would do?

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, which is now located in Italy, in 1451. He was born into a poor family with his father, Domenico Colombo, his mother, Susanna Fontanarossa, three brothers, Bartolomeo, Giovanni Pellegrino, and Giacomo, and a sister, Bianchinetta. Domenico Colombo worked as a wool merchant. Even though his family was poor his father was still able to send him to the University of Pavia. At the university he learned grammar, geography, geometry, and navigation. But when he turned fourteen he left school and went to work on a merchant ship. He spent most of his years growing up on ships. He was considered a pirate because the ship he worked on would attack other ships. Later in 1476 his ship went down off the coast of Portugal, but, he made it to shore in Lisbon on a piece of driftwood from the ship. When he got to Lisbon he met up with his brother also he tried to get…

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