Christopher Columbus : A Celebrated National Holiday Essay

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Christopher Columbus is a celebrated national holiday because he was an explorer who sailed the ocean and “discovered” the Americas. Originally, Columbus was in search for a trade route to the Indies. Instead, he came across a whole new world known as the Americas. As a result of this, Columbus spread Western Ideals throughout the world which resulted in opening new doors for Europe. Europeans would soon flock to the Americas in search of a new life and was also a safe haven for others to practice their religion. Although this may have welcomed new opportunities for Europeans, this would eventually mark an end for the Indigenous People. The Spanish colonists who followed in Christopher Columbus’ journey treated the Indians as animals. This poor treatment led to the genocide of millions of Indigenous People. Christopher Columbus should not be celebrated because honoring him would be supporting his atrocious acts of genocide among the Indigenous People, supporting his opening of the Atlantic slave trade, and simply for the fact that he never stood foot in the Americas. Children see Christopher Columbus as a great explorer who sailed the ocean blue in 1942 in search of America and was financed by Spain to take this great expedition. Although this may

Betita 2 be true, they are missing a crucial part in the story. Columbus sailed the ocean in search for a trade route to the Indies. While sailing across the Atlantic he accidentally landed upon the
Caribbean. Columbus was in…

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