Christopher, Christopher. Christopher Essay

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Christopher is 11 year old boy who is currently in the fifth grade. He is very smart and outgoing student who loves to read. However Christopher has been referred to have an evaluation due to his behavior, completing task, verbal impulsivity, and restlessness. Christopher is a very happy student when he is active when working a task, and always wants to do more after each task is complete. Christopher has a very hard time when it comes to listening to instruction, staying focus on task at school, and at home. When Christopher frequently for gets of misplaces things at home. When Christopher is in class he is very jittery, and restless has a hard time sitting still in class. Christopher sometimes causes interruptions in the class by moving, and making noise distracting his classmates around him. Christopher is known for bringing toys from home to school playing with them in the middle of class time. The teacher frequently reminders Christopher how important it is to stay focused in class, however he is cooperative with the teacher when given direct instruction in the classroom. Christopher is very excited about his reading skills in the classroom, but he struggles with math and completing classroom assignment on time. Christopher frequently gets in trouble in class for excessive talking during class time. He also blurts out hurtful remarks to his peers, and has a hard time sharing in the classroom. He…

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