Christmas Traditions Between The And Germany Essay

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I am usually very hesitant when trying new things especially when I am in a foreign place. I tend to seek what is familiar and comfortable. Two years ago, I had the good fortune to travel to Heidelberg, Germany for a work function for a week during November. It was the start of the Christmas season and the town and market areas were beautiful. As it turned out, my trip that year was a wonderful experience because of the food, culture as well as the shopping experience. As I walked around the beautiful Christmas market area or the Christkindlmarkt, I realized that despite cultural differences, there were also many similarities in the way we celebrate Christmas in the US vs Germany. Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to choose Christmas as my holiday and the US and Germany for my comparison. I wanted to research some of the Christmas traditions between the two countries a bit more to understand the background.
Both the US and Germany celebrate Christmas day on December 25th but Christmas day is the day where folks in the US open Christmas presents whereas Christmas Eve is the day when gifts are exchanged and opened in Germany. Germany also celebrates several days during the month of December with gift giving split between these days. A tradition which Germany observes is the Advent which means “coming” in Latin and is the celebration of the coming of Jesus into the world. Germans use calendars to mark the days of Advent which can be made of paper or a…

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