Essay about Christmas Holiday Of The Winter

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Every child who celebrates Christmas during the winter anticipates one event above all others: the opening of presents. I remember staying up all night the day before Christmas shaking with eagerness, wondering what type of toys I would be bestowed in the morning. As a general overview, Christmas is a winter holiday celebrated in late December in many American cultures. During Christmas, gifts are given through a variety of means such as an overnight visit from an impersonated Santa, a secret admirer, and many more. Gifts also vary from cheap clothing all the way to expensive jewelry. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, a gift is “something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.” With such a mysterious range of gifts, it is no wonder why simple gift exchanges turned into exciting family games. Families celebrating Christmas, or a similarly timed holiday, in Indiana have a vast amount of different traditional ways to exchange these highly-anticipated holiday gifts and do so for many reasons. I will begin by considering past research completed over Christmas trends and games. Next, I will introduce my findings of how a freshman student at Indiana University celebrates and exchanges her gifts. In addition, I will provide examples from my own family’s Christmas that are unique to other families. Finally, I will provide a brief overview of my key findings in the research I have concluded.
To begin one must understand there many reasons…

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