Christmas Day Essay

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Christmas is one of the world’s most celebrated Christian holidays in the entire world. It unites all Christians across the planet to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God. This holiday holds a lot of religious importance in the Christianity fraternity. The official date for Christmas is usually the 25th of December. The primary focus of this paper will be to analyze every aspect of Christmas day and identify its importance to Christians and the entire globe. Christmas traditions of the United States will be accorded greater attention. It is important to first familiarize ourselves with the literal and the Christian meaning of Christmas Day as well as a brief history of this historic day.
What is Christmas Day?
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There is historical evidence pointing out to the existence of the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth in the above mentioned year. As time progressed, this tradition continued to spread to other parts of the world. Soon enough, it became an international celebration carried out by Christians from different regions who shared similar religious affiliations.
Christmas Day in the United States Just like other Nations, the United States greatly honors and recognizes Christmas day. The State of Alabama was the first to pass a law that legally recognized Christmas day as an official public holiday. Others followed suit. Over the years, the country has developed various traditions that define how Americans celebrate Christmas day. Every American including the President in the White House play their part in fulfilling the American tradition during Christmas day. This tradition is usually comprised or religious practices, secular customs and family traditions. There are set activities expected to be fulfilled throughout the entire Christmas
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Although these decorations are normally done earlier, they are part and parcel of the Christmas celebrations. Additionally, sculptures of figures related to Christmas are also placed along the driveways, in gardens or on the roof of houses. These decorations create a splendid spectacle on Christmas nights making them special and memorable. It is all about uplifting the Christmas spirit (Glover, 2012).
Santa Claus Christmas is usually not complete without a visit from Santa Claus. People dress up as Santa Clause and put up camps in Shopping Mall to amuse children during Christmas. As highlighted above, Santa Claus is an important figure in the American Christmas culture. Children are told myths about Santa Claus and his fondness for giving presents. Small children often believe that the gifts they get were actually dropped off by Santa Claus in his reindeer driven sleigh while in reality it is their parents who bought the gifts and stuffed them under the Christmas tree.

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