Christians Were Dead Before Salvation Essay

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Christians were dead before salvation (v.1). Once you were dead because of your disobedience and your many sins. Και υμάς όντας νεκρούς τοις παραπτωμασιν και ταις αμαρτίαις υμών. The verse starts off with the word “Once”, telling the reader that this happened before an event or to their current situation. This tells the readers of the life they lived before they believed the gospel and received salvation. Paul tells his readers that they “experienced a living death” shown through the “vicious way of life” they lived before salvation (Thielman, 2010). In the Greek text, the word παραπτωμασιν, or paraptoma, is used twice. This word means offense, wrongdoing, or sin, and shows the repetitiveness seen all over Ephesians. The word “you” (υμάς) is used as the direct object of the verb in the sentence, “he made you alive with” (συνεζςοποιησεν) which is used “some 87 words later” in verse five. (Arnold, 2010). Paul seems to use this as a method of suspense and also uses his description of life before Christ to heighten the suspense. Paul also speaks to his readers of sin, and its hold on humanity. So much so, that under penalty of death, humanity still struggles with sin. This is a bleak contrast to the later verses where Paul speaks of the great grace given to Christians. Regarding parallels, Paul speaks of being ‘dead’ through disobedience and sin which is seen, used in the same respective way, in Colossians 2:13. “You were dead because of your sins and because your sinful…

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