Essay on Christians ' Views On Stereotyping

779 Words Oct 6th, 2016 4 Pages
In this day and age, we stereotype everything in humanity. Many Americans without knowing put people into groups and or a “class”, just by the way they look or by what they believe in. We are time and again quick to point fingers at things we just don’t understand. After segregation, we all thought, stereotyping was over; then after the United States didn’t see a problem with telling women they aren’t as powerful as men, or that all Muslims are terrorist. We as in Americans need to stop and see what’s really happening to our country because of stereotyping. One of the biggest groups that get stereotyped is Christians. You see things on the news about Christians not believing in same-sex marriage, but the media portrays them as if the homosexuals are hated by every Christian out there because of who they are attracted to. A well-known fact is that not everyone is a good person. People look at one person’s actions and believe that everyone is just the same. Christians believe in the bible, and they follow what the bible says; with this being said people stereotype Christians as prideful, self-righteous, and acting as if they were better than anyone else. Which if you were to study the religion or believe in this religion you would see they are meant to love everyone and not judge. A few actions should be the definition of the religion, or of anything for that matter. As a child, I would play house with my dolls, and even then at such a young age, I was taught that a…

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