Christians Trust And Believe The Principles Of The Trinity Doctrine

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Christians trust and believe the principles of the Trinity Doctrine, nonetheless they place the highest focus on only two parts, God and Jesus Christ. They live a Christian life that is crippled and incapable of reaching its full potential of God’s promised spiritual renewal. Churches teach the doctrine of the Godhead (God, Son, and Spirit), but mistakenly place highest emphasis on God and Jesus Christ. Churches give little instruction on the dynamics of the golden seal of the Holy Spirit. The Biblical context is a preset blueprint of the Lord’s foundation of a Christian’s new life. God’s message is clear and He has predetermined the equilibrium for the Godhead (Trinity). Without a whole Godhead, the powers of the triad do not align and the opportunity for a new life is slim. God’s work is neither by might, nor the power of men, but by His Spirit.
Union with Christ
Theological Definition: The theological explanation of our union with Christ is three-in-one God, Jesus Christ, and the Fruit of the Spirit (Trinity). Church leaders communicate how a person can build a personal relationship with God through the Word and our Savior, Jesus Christ. However, when we exclude the Spirit of Jesus, then His death serves no purpose or reason for humankind. Therefore, we can rely on Scripture for guidance and thank Jesus for sending His Spirit to live within us.
Biblical Foundation: In the Bible the Romans portray that Jesus was appointed through the Spirit of holiness as the Son of God…

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