Christians Must Use Their Understanding Of Humanities Relationship With God

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Christians must use their understanding of humanities relationship with God, in order to fulfill His orders to take responsibility for the community of creation. Pope Francis’ Encyclical letter ‘Laudato Si’ aims to bring light current destruction of our global creation. Christian anthropology gives an understanding of the human person, formed through interactions and relationships with others. Christians have formed these interactions to form relationships with creation. The Encyclical refers to the term ‘creation’ in a broader context, referring not only to human’s relationship with the environment, but with God and with neighbours as well. (76)

The accounts of creation in the Bible introduce the notion of Christian anthropology. The stories of creation, found in Genesis the first Book, are “paradigms of creation and redemption” . In other words, they refer to the nature of humanity and human beings relationship with God. In the scripture, God firstly creates Heaven and Earth. It portrays the relationship between God and the Earth, where human beings, the environment and other living creatures are created through God’s image, or Imago Dei , and each given a different purpose to fulfill. Christian belief is grounded in three inextricably linked relationships: “with God, with our neighbours and with Earth itself” (66) . According to Pope Francis, these connected relationships have been broken, rupturing the harmony between each, due to anthropologic view of humans being at…

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