Christians, Muslims, And Christians Worship The Same God Essay

711 Words Nov 20th, 2016 3 Pages
In order to determine whether Jews, Muslims, and Christians worship the same god it is vital to define terms. For the sake of the argument ‘God’ will be the character each religion has constructed and they will be compared based on their traits, personalities, and origins. The simple answer would be that it seems each religion accepts the canonization of the previous religion’s god, but never the later. For example, the Jew would not except the New Testament or Quran however, the Muslim would find value in all the sacred Abrahamic Texts. On the other hand, a longer, more complete answer requires an actual analysis of how each religion sees their god. Foremost, its necessary to point out the Christian’s claim that Jesus, himself, was god. To the Muslim or Jew, this claim is absolutely blasphemous. The very idea that god would taint himself by becoming human is openly offensive to Judaism as well as Islam. The typical Western Christian also retains an extraordinarily narrow definition of god. In my own experience, the majority of Christians would deny any association of their god with Allah, however they would accept Jewish interpretation of god as the same as their own. Additionally, Christianity’s belief in the trinity is one of their most sacred beliefs as well as one that is blatantly contradictory to the legitimate monotheisms of Judaism and Islam. Conclusively, Christianity’s core beliefs simply do not fall in line with what the other Abrahamic religion’s beliefs of…

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