Essay about Christians Facing Islamic Extremists?

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Christians Facing Islamic Extremists

April 2015: Four members of the Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab pounded on dorm room doors at the Garissa University College in Kenya, demanding of each student, “Are you Muslim or Christian?” Muslims were allowed to flee. Christians were shot. By the time the attack ended, 147 Christians lay dead and 79 more lay wounded. The siege didn’t end until all four of the gunmen had been killed(Al-Shabab). We, as Christians of West Michigan, do not have to go through these terrible events like this one. We don’t have Muslims going through our neighborhoods killing those who do not profess the Islamic faith. God has so preserved us thus far so we do not face the harsh realities of persecution. God has told us that these persecutions are coming and we be prepared for when this time comes. Christians today in far away lands face these persecutions right now and live in fear of death, imprisonment, and other forms of persecution; We must remember them in our thoughts and prayers. In the world, there are on average 312 Christians killed, 214 Churches and Christian properties destroyed, 772 forms of violence committed against Christians every month. These people are all over in many different countries. Parts of northern Africa, The Middle East and Asia is where many of these types of persecutions take place.

The Saint Elijah Monastery located on the outskirts of Mosul, was a 1,400 year Christian monastery until Isis decided to destroy it.…

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