Christianity 's Views On Christianity Essay

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In Matthew chapter five, verse twelve, Joseph “made a home in a town called Nazareth, so that what had been spoken through the prophets might be fulfilled”. This quote illustrates that Joseph was going to Nazareth in order for a prophecy to be fulfilled. Can this idea be related to Christianity’s strong belief in Jesus? Yes, it can. Christians believe that there was a Messiah who arrived in order to redeem Israel. They even demonstrate that he was a man that saved people from sin. Yet, this is not the only major deed that Christians believed in. Jesus is a man that risked his own life in order to save others. That is a why he forgave people for their wrong doings. His other miraculous deeds include that of healing people and convincing people that he is the son of God. All of these actions would eventually attract more followers. Consider the fact, that Christianity is one of the biggest religions today. With the idea of Christianity, many archaeological discoveries have provided information that many Christians held on to the idea that Jesus did all of these deeds. A recent archaeological discovery helps support this idea. There is a church called the “Church of Nutrition” which was built above a house. A house that is claimed to be Jesus’s. This church is a lively place that contains beautiful artwork in regard to Jesus and his family. Christians formed this in the Byzantine Era in order to keep his deeds as a reminder. Another archaeological discovery is the Shroud of…

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