Christianity : What Does It Mean? Essay

2058 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
When we look at Christianity, how often do we as Christians try to make God fit into a pretty little box? We try to make Christianity something that is comfortable for us and makes us feel good. We place our own definitions on God rather than looking into what He has revealed to us through His Word and the actions He performs in the world. We look for God in places where He has promised not to be. God has promised to be with us through His Word and sacrament. Now this doesn’t mean that He is not other places, but it means that if we go looking for Him where He has promised not to be then we may not like the outcome . Not only this, but we confess aspect of the Trinity to be the foundational part of our belief, but the question becomes if we are not looking to where God has promised to be then do we really know what we are saying? What does it mean to say that the Son was begotten or that the Trinity is of one substance? More importantly the question becomes, what is the character of God, and how does the Trinity fit into the picture?
We talk so much in Christianity about the Trinity and how it is the three persons of God, but in western thought we have kind of lost an idea of what the Trinity truly is and the character it has. We have just come to a place that we have accepted the idea, but we don’t really teach what it means. Most Christians do not realize that the word “trinity” is never used in the Bible; rather it is a term that has been developed to describe how the…

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