Christianity Vs Judaism Analysis

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Christianity versus Judaism: A battle over Religious values In Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities, he talks about how these groups of people tend to “think of themselves as living lives parallel to those of other substantial groups of people” (Anderson, 188). One significantly different value that differs from Paul’s “First letter to the Corinthians” and the Koran is the way that women are represented in each religion and how different each one viewed divorce. For instance, the way that Paul refers to women, it seems as though women them hardly played an active role in the everyday lives of the Corinthians, that they only saw women as merely a way to better sever the needs of men. Paul states “For a man is not from woman, but …show more content…
During those four months, the husband is permitted to change his mind about the divorce, allowing them to remain married and all would be forgiven in God’s eyes. However, the Koran’s beliefs placed a limit on the number of times a couple can attempt to file for divorce. They were only given two attempts at filing for divorce, otherwise they would have to remain together and work out whatever problems they were having. In the letter to the Corinthians, their views regarding marriage are slightly different. They believe that marriage is extremely important in their culture and thought that the citizens should save themselves for when they were married. It was believed that once a man and woman had joined together in holy matrimony, then they making a promise to themselves and to the lord that they are vowing to one another. In the letter to the Corinthians, “A man should not divorce his wife” (Paul, 367) it was very unlikely for a couple to file for divorce, since doing so was greatly frowned upon. It was considered a sin and to be avoided at all costs. The women were forced to stay with their husbands no matter how unhappy they were or how badly they were treated, since legally the wife was bonded to the husband for as long as he was

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