Christianity : The Gospel Beyond The West Essay

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Whose Religion is Christianity: The Gospel beyond the West begins with a brief over of Christianity, defines terms, and proceeds into a conversational writing style of a Q&A pattern to discuss a broad spectrum of topics, and closes discussion with bible translation to address issues associated with translation. Christianity is expanding and has a hopeful future. World Christianity did not have a positive future in the start of the 19th century. Muslims outnumbered Christians 4:1, and had a higher conversion rate. By the late 19th century, Christianity increased at a surprising rate particularly the continent of Africa. Colonial rule largely ended by this time; many expected Christianity to decrease, but it continued to grow (Sanneh). After giving a brief background and facts regarding the spread and growth of Christianity in the 1900s, the author defined important terms such as ferment, renewal, and World Christianity in contrast to Global Christianity. Defining terms set a common understanding for ideas that shapes the readers understanding. Once the discussion on Christendom and World Christianity reaches an understanding of the differences, the conversation shifts to “Christian Origins, Local Feedback, and World Order Values” (Sanneh, 26). The European influence mixed with Christianity had a large role in the spread of Christianity to Africa, but the locals needed to become indigenous in order for the faith to take root into the culture. This formation of Christianity…

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