Christianity, The Belief Of God Essay examples

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“You Got to Have Faith”
Christianity is the belief in one God. This faith exists regardless of persecution for it. Romans believed in a pantheon of Gods, with each God having a particular role. The Romans believed that service to their Gods would result in immediate rewards where as Christians believed in that following commandments resulted in reward after death, in heaven.
Even though Bible verses are scriptures written differently throughout the years, the ideas and beliefs stay the same. Christians have their lives formed around this “laws” and by believing you get positive outcomes. Bible verses in Mathew explained that if there is someone without hope or persecuted (people that were thrown to lions in the past or when items are taken away from you) they will go to heaven. The kingdom of heaven is when once you die you got to Christ. Mourning is when you were sad for someone who has died and you express it because God will comfort you. The meek are timid people that don’t fight for their rights or life, they will receive blessings on earth or positive things on earth. People who seek righteousness, they will receive it. Seeking is shown through worshiping and by doing well so they will be good people, and go to heaven. Being merciful means you don’t blame or punish/ hurt someone for any reason. Being merciful is more than forgiveness. Merci is greater because it is also saying that it is okay that they’ve done wrong. People that show merci and forgiveness to others,…

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