Christianity Should Not Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Why the School System Needs God In school systems around the world, the subject of Christianity seems to be rejected. School systems appear to have a certain fear of speaking about God, and other holy beliefs in school. Everyone has heard of the variety of discriminations within schools, such as, racism, and sexism, but what about anti-Christianity? Is this not considered another horrible form of discrimination? Christianity should definitely be allowed to be expressed in schools, because religious persecution has never been, and is certainly not acceptable in this day in age. Not only this, but when spoken about, Christianity should be spoken about in a positive aspect.
There are plenty of reasons that could be given in order to justify why Christianity should be allowed to be expressed in school. The first reason obviously being that the first amendment in the United States Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of “Speech, Religion, and Press”. This country was founded on those three principles. “When public school officials disregard the U.S.
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With the world being so religiously diverse in this day in age, plenty of people argue that it’s not fair to them to have to participate in prayers, or Christian-based teaching, however, a good amount of these people are the same ones dropping out of school, getting girls pregnant at a young age, doing drugs, and committing crimes against the schools, when they should be in class learning.
To sum it all up, Christianity should be allowed in schools. The United States Constitution guarantees the right to freely express Christianity, students of other religions are allowed to represent and discuss their beliefs, and not only will the students and staff of these schools benefit from hearing the word of God in school, but the world as a whole will become a better

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