Christianity: The Abrahamic Religion

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Christianity is one of the Abrahamic religions that believes in one god. Christianity began with group of people that followed a great leader named Jesus and believed he was the Messiah as the Novak book stated, “…claim that Jesus was the messiah long awaited in the Jewish tradition.” (Novak pg227) Jesus and his followers lived in Jerusalem where the dominant religion was Judaism. Jesus taught his followers the massage of god to humanity by proving himself through different miracles. The followers began separating Jesus massage throughout Roman Empire according to the Novak book, “…in the intervening two thousand years it has become the world’s most populous religion…” (Novak pg227) many people from the west followed Christianity
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According to the reverend John Buchanan he said, “Christianity fundamental massage or massages began with idea of divine creation…the creator who took human flash and lived among us” (Buchanan). As reverend John tried to clarify in the interviews, in Christianity it is important to notes Jesus as the divine creation. Moreover, human beings are part of special creation and holy and earth was made good. Therefore, it is unacceptable to not love and respect Jesus. A God who made a holy creation and the Christian’s duty is to be responsible and remember his suffering for the human sins. As the Novak book stated, Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and my father is the vinegrower … Abide in me as I abide in you.” (Novak pg241) christens must follow the words of Jesus because it is coming from his father. Christin’s way of live must be similar to Jesus because he was the divine …show more content…
According to, Prior Peter, Holy cross Benedictine Monastery, Chicago says, “Music plays a enormous part in Christian churches because human voice singing says about the god we worship” (Peter). Music can change our emotion because humans lack the control of self-mood. Regardless, music can help us bring the greater mood. Essentially, singing is a way to worship Jesus vocally or instrumently during a Mass. The style of vocal music might vary from country to country, or continent to continent. The use of vocal music is important in church because it is way of worshiping

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