Essay on Christianity, Judaism, And Islam

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Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are three religions that are known as the Abrahamic Religion, since they all originated from patriarch Abraham they are always compared to each other. They have similar ideas because they started because of one person, Abraham. They are all monotheism, they only believe in one God. All three have a prophet whom God spoke to tell them about himself. Another common thing they all have in common is that they believe in a life after death, a place where their God is. Even though they originated from the same place it doesn’t mean they are the very alike, they are three different religions because of different views.
Christianity and Judaism are too religions with similar qualities, however they have more things that differ. Judaism is the father of Christianity. They both believe in one god, Judaism calls their god Yahem and Christianity also believes in one God but also believe in the Holy Spirit. The main goal of a Jew is to fulfill the covenant with God, to be kind, love, and help others. A Christ goal is to go to Heaven, in order to do this they must love God and have a relationship with Jesus, obey his commandments, and spread the gospel- readings from the bible. However,what really sets these two religions apart is how they view Jesus. Christianity see Jesus as a messiah, he is the son of God.Christians see him as someone very close to God, they follow Jesus’s teaching Judaism does not accept Jesus as the Son of God, they recognizes him as…

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