Christianity, Islam And Other Non Christian Cultures Essay

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Christ is believed to be known all over the world, but he also has a very distinct relationship with everyone on this planet. His relationship varies in several ways with dozens of cultures, and many of his followers have perceived him as God’s and the one and only. They believe that he was sent to earth from God the creator of the universe to lead a path to the pearly gates of heaven where is father resides. They believe he also died for their sins, and that this earth was a very dark place and Christ was the light that led people from darkness. However, that relationship does not appear to exist with other cultures, such as Judaism, Islam and many other non-Christian cultures. Many of their relationships are just acknowledging Christ existence.
Many Christian cultures were traditions handed down older family members who had been following them from religious leaders. As families began to move from city to city or country, to country their Christian traditions traveled along with them, sometimes others were inspired by their teachings and they, too became believers of Christ spreading his message. Many people would say that is just their belief and that they too have their own set of beliefs. Just as the Christ story spread through millions of people there were other cultures who had their own creation story which also involved salvation. Some had not heard about Christ, and some heard about Christ and interpreted his gospel different than Christians. For example, Jews…

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