Christianity Is The One True Religion Of The World Essay

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My first formalized introduction to Buddhism only occurred in late-August with my enrollment in the class. As someone raised in a Christian home, I had very little, if no, exposure to Asian religions. Not for a lack of theological teachings; I was taught the histories and beliefs of the Abrahamic religions, but that was all. However, after attending a few sessions of the class, I had a discussion about religion with the more religious members of my family. The overall question: “What if our belief is wrong?” In this sense, belief refers to the faith that Christianity is the one true religion of the world. The debate was thoroughly heated, and lasted for quite a while, however two things stuck with me: their belief indicated that Christianity was the one true religion and that there was nothing to learn from other religions, while my insistence that each religious believer that his or her own religion was true, persisted. It remains almost ignorant and stubborn to believe that religions cannot learn from one another. Christianity could benefit from incorporating practices from Buddhism into its own traditions, because like society, religions must be able to adapt to changing populations of believers.
One main Buddhist tradition that Christianity should adopt is Vipassana meditation, because while Christians are taught to reflect on the Christian Bible, there is little reinforcement to reflect on oneself. Vipassana meditation is meditation focused at understanding…

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