Essay on Christianity, Hinduism, And Judaism

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Religion has always been a topic of discussion because everyone identifies themselves with one or none. The religion everyone identifies with is the guide for their morality and how they should live their life. The most known religions are Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism. Although they are different, they all sprung up from similar teachings and ideas. Christianity is one of the most popular religion today, however, it had a rough start like many other religions. Before Christianity got its popularity, what kind of problems did the religion face? How did it all start? The start of a monotheistic religion began when Egypt collapsed and the Hebrews took control. They created a new form of religion based on the worship of their all-powerful god, Yahweh. They recorded their religious ideas, traditions, laws, advice literature, prayers, hymns, history, and prophecies in a series of books around late 600s B.C.E. The series of books were later gathered and became the Hebrew Bible. To Christians, the Hebrew Bible became the “Old Testament.” The Old Testament became the inspiration for the “New Testament” of the Christians to parallel specific Christian writings. The Hebrews were divided into twelve tribes with a trusted leadership in their king, Saul. After Saul was David of Bethlehem, who captured the city of Jerusalem and made it the capital of the Hebrew kingdom. David’s son Solomon built the Temple of Jerusalem. The temple was a symbol of…

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