Christianity, Hinduism, And Islam Essay

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Throughout history, the attitudes that Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam have had towards war have changed, and have affected each religion 's development throughout history. The study of warfare in religion is important because the ability of the three largest religions to survive to the modern day is not found within their religious messages, but rather in times of conflict, when the foundations of each religion were protected, and when immense growth and expansion occured. As a result, teachings about conflict are abundant and can be found within the holy books of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism alike. Even if these religions denounce war and violence in the modern age, it is important to realise that war has and always will be a core component, whether it was for self-defence, proselytization, or simply presented as a God-given duty to fight for one 's people. Overall, it is clear that war has played a significant role in the development of religious doctrine, created schisms and connections between different religions, and won the land that allowed Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity to become the three largest world religions. The attitude that each religion has towards war has changed drastically since the inception of each religion. Starting with Christianity, the attitude at the time of Jesus ' preaching was that of pacifism, and a general emphasis on love rather than hatred: "38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:…

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