Essay about Christianity : God And The Blessings

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While Christianity solely focus on the belief in one God and the blessings he gives us for complying to a set of mandates, Buddhism revolves around no belief in a higher power that is a divine entity, but rather reaching a higher self by following a path meant to lead them to enlightenment. Followers of the Christian religion take forth a big leap of faith and they mold their lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Buddhism holds the pathway Prince Siddhartha, or Gautama Buddha, took to eliminate all mental suffering. Just like Christianity branched out of Judaism, Buddhism sprouted from Hinduism. Buddhists comprehension of life after death entitles an limitless cycle of death and re-birth. This can only be broken by attaining Nirvana, a state of being where a person 's specific desires and suffering cease to exist. In Christianity you only have one chance at life before your time is up being physical matter. At death, you either accept God through Jesus Christ as the Savior or you burn in your eternal hell by rejecting Him. Both have a common theme where the address truth being a part of life. Buddhism says the truth lies within and Christianity says Jesus is the truth. They also share the idea that there is love for all people, they have sacred texts, and they teach peace and humanity. The role of women in ancient civilizations differed by religion, race, location, etc. In the Neolithic Age the role of women was believed to be almost as…

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